Road Art Contest

Ready to try something new? Do you have a creative spirit?

Give the Road Art Contest a try!
Road art is art found along the roadways in the Baker area, specifically along the Park Road and along Highway 487 from the WHOA sign at the cutoff road to South Baker.

It was first called "Post" Impression Art, as most of it was found along posts. It was started by "Doc" Sherman in 1997 and over the years lots of "Post" Impression Art has come and gone in the area. Most of the art has been tongue-in-cheek, with a pun or joke within it. For example, check out the "Grate Basin" made of a grate and a basin, below.

Think you might like to make some road art? We're having a contest as part of the Snake Valley Festival.

Here are the rules:
1. Put up your road art along the park road or along Highway 488 between the WHOA sign and South Baker by noon Thursday, June 16 (earlier is better so more people can view it).
2. The road art must be in good taste and not include anything lewd or profane.
3. Road art that does the best will be able to withstand the harsh weather of the Great Basin desert: 40 mph winds, rain, snow, sheep, and cattle.
4. During Saturday afternoon and evening, June 18, from 12 - 7 p.m., each person may select their favorite and enter it at Baker Hall or the Border Inn. YOU MAY VOTE AS MUCH AS YOU WANT, USING PENNIES, NICKELS, DIMES, QUARTERS, AND BILLS.
5. Those who make road art may lobby (or even bribe) visitors to vote for their art.
6. The votes for visitors' choice will be counted. The road art that has earned the most money is the winner. Proceeds go to the Great Basin Water Network. The prize(s) will be awarded to the winner(s) at the Border Inn on Saturday night at 7 p.m., following the All-you-can-eat BBQ. A $25 gift card is the prize.
7. Lots of photos and sharing of them is encouraged!